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Around my studio practice

  In the last two months, I was super busy. I completed two paintings and sold four artworks. This is why I bounded to stop writing blogs. I also participated in some events; however, I’ll describe them all later. Now I am about to show my artworks, which I finished recently. Here is the first one I completed in October 2022. Title - Distrait. Medium - Watercolor on paper. Size - H - 30 x W - 22 inchs. Available The painting I was Inspired by the usual lifespan of the inhabitants around my locality. Every day, I walk along the riverbank in the evening and enjoy the sunset over the river. I experienced, accumulating water from the local river or pond is quite a regular work of the interior inhabitants. It's often done by the village girls or homemakers. Once upon a time, I found someone at the riverbank sited alone with her water jars. She was probably in a sorrowful mind and her torment sprayed across the twilight sky whispering something in an unknown voice. I watched her from a d
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New Artwork in the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi

From the earlier write-up, you got informed that I have been immersed in designing; however, I didn't give up painting, and today I am going to show you my recently finished artwork. Lord Ganesh. Title - Lord Ganesh Medium - Acrylic on canvas. Size - H - 29 X W - 24 inch. As you may know, Lord Ganesh is one of the most popular figures in the Hindu deity, and Ganesh is a symbol of success, bliss, and well-being. Lord Ganesh is a symbolic form of the mutual power of Lord Shiva and Deity Durga. Hence, it is considered the most beloved son of Lord Shiva and Devi Durga. This form of Lord Ganesh was composed by the Deity Durga from mud, and after forming it, she incorporated liveliness into this figure with her enormous power. Now the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi (The birth of Lord Ganesh) is just around the corner. It is on 31st August. To celebrate this great festival, you can bring home the blessing of the Lord with this painting. Just send me a message and I'll get back with your

My Creative Flows

As a full-time artist, I despise pausing or stopping my work. My spirit always reminds me to pursue other streams of creativity, and it makes me delighted to watch my creative juices flow in different directions. I appreciate learning about myself. Changes bring me another pleasant surprise, and I'm excited to see how it reflects my opinions and preferences. During my journey as an artist, I had the experience of working with a USA-based design company named EWS Design, and through this company, I got a chance to work on a project led by the Barak Obama ministry. But after a few years, I stopped working with designs and got a deep concentration on my painting. I had to research a specific form for my painting and figure out how to represent the form with composition and color. After a long hiatus, I'm back to creating designs. But this time, I'm taking a different approach. I prefer to paint with acrylic colors, but watercolor is very appealing to me. It's exciting and

About the painting 'Ardhanarishwara'

For the first time, I saw the statue of Ardhanrishwara in Khajuraho temple. It made me curious, and I was searching for more information about the sculpture. At a later time, I got informed that another same sculpture was located in Haridwar in someone’s private collection. Unfortunately, the person refused to admit the same. From several resources, finally, I found the inner meaning of this sculpture. Before proceeding with this discussion, I want to introduce the sculpture. The sculpture was formed with a half male figure and half female. The ward 'Ardh' means Half, and ‘Narishwara’ means God and nature(Prakriti). Ardhanarishwara statue from Khajuraho temple (MP, India) Ancient Hindu mythology affirmed that God is eternal and out of any sexual clarification since it's incorporeal. All the deities constituted within such absolute power we recognized by several forms such as Shiva, Narayana, etc. Pursuing such a concept, ancient Hindu sages produced an ideal figurative for

My commitment as an artist.

We are passing in the worst situation that has not been before. Pandemic perplexed us, and we lost our loved ones. Before getting it away, we are facing a formidable situation of war. It gets lost the things in human life we deserve. Love, mercy, compassion, all the words are now synonyms of the word, delusion. No one in this modern era wants war, rather wants peace, humanity, and solidarity. Beyond all the boundaries, we are the citizens of this world that want to make a beautiful place for humankind. Yes, it’s true. Recently, World Citizen Artist has taken the initiative to start a campaign for peace. As a member of WCA and a part of this campaign, I asked common people around me to participate in this campaign; and I got a positive response. They urged to be a part of it and started sending their campaign images. We have been accumulating images from all the people around the world and making campaigns on the WCA website and social media channels. You can also send a similar campai

My Recognition

In March 2022, Art Mania Foundation organized an exhibition on the eve of Women’s Day. They also announced that selected artists will be awarded for their work. I joined the event and submitted my paintings. The criteria were to emphasize the power of females that prominently show their importance in our human life. One of the paintings I submitted was about the perspective of motherly emotion. It was titled Durga the Holy Mother. It won the first prize. It’s the second award I won from India.  Here I want to say a few words about the awarded painting. Deity Durga is considered the reason behind forming this universe. With her enormous power, she holds the creation and nourishes each of the particles of this endless universe. Hindu Purana says if she stops her actions, this universe will be shortened back and end to her absolutely. Deity Durga is also known as Prakriti (nature). All the things happening in nature is a manifestation of her supreme power. Therefore, Hindu philosophy says

Recalling Childhood

  At the start of this new art blog, I would like to share a bit of information. This art blog is associated with my existing official art blog known as Painter's Blog contented with various discussions about the Indian history of art, music, sculpture, and so on. The blog was awarded several times for its exclusive content. The author and owner of both blogs are the same. Now I am going to share my recently finished artwork.    Title - The Dream Hawker. Medium - Acrylic on canvas. Size - H - 31 x W - 25 inch.  Status - Available. During my childhood, I often saw an old-aged music seller selling a handmade violin-like musical instrument. He often came at noon to cross narrow lanes by playing the handmade violin. The rhythm of that violin was so lovely that I thought he might have come from an unearthly world and would never be able to return again. So, I asked my parents to buy me one violin, which cost two rupees. I had the violin for two rupees, but I lost it too. And now, I los