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About the painting 'Ardhanarishwara'

For the first time, I saw the statue of Ardhanrishwara in Khajuraho temple. It made me curious, and I was searching for more information about the sculpture. At a later time, I got informed that another same sculpture was located in Haridwar in someone’s private collection. Unfortunately, the person refused to admit the same. From several resources, finally, I found the inner meaning of this sculpture. Before proceeding with this discussion, I want to introduce the sculpture. The sculpture was formed with a half male figure and half female. The ward 'Ardh' means Half, and ‘Narishwara’ means God and nature(Prakriti).

Ardhanarishwara statue from Khajuraho temple (MP, India)

Ancient Hindu mythology affirmed that God is eternal and out of any sexual clarification since it's incorporeal. All the deities constituted within such absolute power we recognized by several forms such as Shiva, Narayana, etc.

Pursuing such a concept, ancient Hindu sages produced an ideal figurative form of God that was nigher a male nor a female. Because in the perspective of Hindu theology, no one is a complete idol in all terms. The Theology says, once upon a time, when God desired to be numerous, the supreme power got divided into numerous particles and produced countless forms in this universe. But the main character was male and female in all forms. Therefore, without the cooperation or the power of both, nothing can be created or made the things possible.

Geeting a deep observation of our surrounded nature, Hindu sages affirmed that inside the infinite creation of God all have a fervency to meet each other once again. In the subconscious mind, we have a thirst because we are incomplete, and it will be forever. They even clarified that only God is absolute. All of us came from it. If we can back to our actual destination anyway, we will be complete. The eagerness of meeting each other is a tiny start to go ahead toward God.

My painting. Titled Ardhanarishwara.

The figurative form of Ardhanarishwara is described the same. Such a figure is neither a male nor a female. Such an insignificant factor (male, female) is not enough to describe that supreme infinite power You can describe it as a mother, as Jesus described as a father, and he was the son of him. All is possible with this figurative form of the Almighty creator.

Here are the details of the painting, - 
Title - Ardhanarishwara.
Medium - Watercolor on handmade paper.
Size - H - 22.5 x W - 30.5 inch.
Price - $450 (Rs. - 33000)

To purchase this artwork, visit my shopping page or contact me for additional details.

Now tell me, what do you think about this artwork? Is the artwork described the same as discussed? On both sides, I placed calligraphy of the chants of Lord Shiva and Durga. Because actually, the Hindu ideology demonstrated Lord Shiva and Durga in a single figurative structure.

*Image attribution - Ardhanarishwara photograph of Khajuraho temple [


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