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My Creative Flows

As a full-time artist, I despise pausing or stopping my work. My spirit always reminds me to pursue other streams of creativity, and it makes me delighted to watch my creative juices flow in different directions. I appreciate learning about myself. Changes bring me another pleasant surprise, and I'm excited to see how it reflects my opinions and preferences.

During my journey as an artist, I had the experience of working with a USA-based design company named EWS Design, and through this company, I got a chance to work on a project led by the Barak Obama ministry. But after a few years, I stopped working with designs and got a deep concentration on my painting. I had to research a specific form for my painting and figure out how to represent the form with composition and color.

After a long hiatus, I'm back to creating designs. But this time, I'm taking a different approach. I prefer to paint with acrylic colors, but watercolor is very appealing to me. It's exciting and captivating. I've done a few watercolor paintings in the past and am excited to continue with this medium. As a result of my enthusiasm, I began designing watercolor drawings for a variety of objects that we use on a regular basis. It gives me great joy to see my designs on a variety of things.

Lord Ganesha wall art. Image from Blinkstore

It's beyond satisfaction when I would see that someone appreciates my artistic sense by using any of the items I designed. It's just similar to when someone sends me a snapshot of the room where is hanging one of the paintings he/she purchased from me. It's beyond the words to express my feelings. Here money got secondary, and as always, I don't bother about what amount I received. It gets insignificant in return for such a great appreciation.
Here I want to share an image sent by an art collector from California who purchased a painting and sent this image after hanging it in her room.

I appreciate her effort, and it made me the new inspiration to work more confidently. However, now I am going to demonstrate some of the products I designed, and now all are available online. 

Colorsplash Products Example I Designed

Redbubble Products Example I Designed
Here is a fact I need to share. I have two stores. One is for Indian art lovers, and another for the rest of the art lovers around the world. Not all the designs are available in both stores due to technical constraints. For Indians, my print service provider is Blinkstore, which newly started working in this industry. But they are very efficient because I purchased a product I designed, and indeed, it's world-class printing. They used the DTDC courier service, and I received the item within the expected delivery time with great packaging. 

On the other hand, Redbubble is my print service provider for overseas buyers. But also, they have a service for Indians; anyone can purchase the products I designed. Here is no need to say more about Redbubble as it's a world-famous leader in the POD industry. I designed more products on Redbubble than on Blinkstore. Technically Redbubble is more advanced in designing products; however, Blinkstore is about to enhance its technology, and more products will be showing very soon. They use the DTG printing process which is still expensive in India, but it complies with world-class printing standards. This is why they gained more satisfied customers.

To see all my designs for Indian art lovers, please click on the link 
and to see the designs for overseas art lovers, please click here

I would like to request all my valued readers and visitors of this blog, please take a few times to visit my stores and enjoy my designs. some of the designs are hand-painted in watercolor and for the rest of all, I use digital watercolor painting software. Hope you would not be dejected, and finally, please use some of the products I designed. I am sure, it will get you noticed by others. 

Thank you for your kind support and help. Feel free to get in touch if you need additional information or have any queries. I'll appreciate your concern. 

Have a happy life with artistry.   


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