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Around my studio practice

 In the last two months, I was super busy. I completed two paintings and sold four artworks. This is why I bounded to stop writing blogs. I also participated in some events; however, I’ll describe them all later. Now I am about to show my artworks, which I finished recently. Here is the first one I completed in October 2022.

girl with jar watercolor painting

Title - Distrait. Medium - Watercolor on paper. Size - H - 30 x W - 22 inchs. Available
The painting I was Inspired by the usual lifespan of the inhabitants around my locality. Every day, I walk along the riverbank in the evening and enjoy the sunset over the river. I experienced, accumulating water from the local river or pond is quite a regular work of the interior inhabitants. It's often done by the village girls or homemakers. Once upon a time, I found someone at the riverbank sited alone with her water jars. She was probably in a sorrowful mind and her torment sprayed across the twilight sky whispering something in an unknown voice. I watched her from a distance away. The calmness of surrounding nature was about to say something related to the lifespan of interior villagers within her silence. My painting just reverberated on her insides with the language of colors.

This is the second painting I finished on December 2022

Title - Concatenation of Flowers. Medium - Acrylic on canvas. Size - H - 31 x W - 26 inches. Available 
I considered it poetry which was written by the world-famous poet Rabindranath Tagor. As he stated; once a day, he was going to meet with someone (a girl) to unfold his insides to her. Meanwhile, he noticed that the girl was silently immersed in making a flower chain for someone. The poet stopped and started watching her from a distance away. It was a wonderful time at the start of the rainy season. First rainy clouds were slowly going to cover the sky and cold wind was playing elsewhere around nature. She was looking like a divine girl, and a full of the cloudy sky was also watching her silently. The nature of the morning was calm down and a little shine of the sun reveal out from the rainy cloud to give her a little warmth.

the poet was silently watching her, and after a while, he got back without saying anything. A glimpse of stormy wind passed away suddenly with little whispers of the untold words of the poet. The painting reflected what I felt.

Next, I am happy to share the artworks I sold in the last two months.

These artworks were purchased by art collectors in the USA. I am so happy to hear that the art collectors were so happy to receive the artwork and they are now about to celebrate the festive holiday with my paintings. Those were sold by Saatchi art, and they informed me about it :) 

The above artworks were purchased by an art collector in New Delhi, India. They were also pleased to receive the original paintings. They contacted me from my website and finally purchased these two artworks. I have had a nice experience working with the art collector.  

Finally, wish you a very happy festive season and a charming holiday. Also, have the wonderful new year of 2023. With the blessing of Jesus, may the upcoming year have full of the joy, prosperity, and success you ever dreamed of.

If you consider purchasing artwork in this holiday season to celebrate, feel free to get in touch, and I'll serve you my best to make the upcoming year memorable. 

Until next time, Cheers!!


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